Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Goldilocks of Consignment Sales-now with video!

It's almost here. The sale you've been waiting for. The one that's not too big and not too small--the Goldilocks of Consignment Sales! This Saturday, April 10 is the children's consignment sale sponsored by the Farragut and Northwest Knoxville chapters of MOMS Club, a supportive network for stay-at-home and part-time working mothers. Why am I so passionate about this one? Full disclaimer: I'm a member of MOMS Club and I'll be consigning a car full.

I've been an avid buyer at consignment sales since we moved here five years ago. I was enamored by the organization, the presentation, and most of all the deals. This was way better than garage sales. I've since learned there is a wide gamut of consignment sales: some so big, you can't find the end of the line and some more like boutiques with pricey goods.

I'm pleased MOMS Club is comfortably in the middle. More than 50 consignors are expected to bring over 10,000 items to sell, and the space is large enough to accommodate all the shoppers. It will be busy, but it shouldn't be crazy. And since we're all savvy, sensible moms who know a good deal when we see it, we don't want to waste our time selling anything else.

You know my favorite aspect of consignment sales is the "everybody wins" component. Sellers get to clear out clothes and toys they no longer need and make some dough. Buyers typically get items for 70-80% off retail and get good quality stuff--the clothes and toys that really hold up. Sales in churches are usually donating a portion of the proceeds to good causes--15% of ours will benefit local charities. What doesn't sell is donated--Catholic Ministries in our case. And the environment is probably the biggest winner of all since all of these items are getting a second chance. What's not to love?!

I've been looking forward to this since I reorganized the playroom in January. However, I'm just now learning firsthand that consignment sales are a LOT of work: sorting, cleaning, finding batteries. There are strict guidelines for how to fill out the tags, what type of hangers to use and which direction clothes must be hung. Then there's the decisions of how to price each item. I think about what I'd be willing to pay and how badly I want it out of Brooke's closet. Do I really want to haul that exersaucer back home? Please, someone buy my exersaucer!!

Well I guess I should stop procrastinating and get back to tagging. I'd love to meet you Saturday morning if you're an early bird. Hopefully I'll get to run the calculator at check-out. FYI: For the first 100 shoppers to check out, we have special coupons from many of our home based businesses, including my video services.

The regular sale is 8am to noon and the half price sale is 1-3pm. The location is the Knoxville Christian Center, 818 Cedar Bluff Road. Here is the website for the Northwest chapter. For more info: momsclubconsignmentsale@yahoo.com. Happy shopping!

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