Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eco Snack Mom

Ok, moms, I need your creative juices flowing to help me with a dilemma: how do I serve eco-friendly snacks for T-ballers? I'm scheduled to bring snacks on Saturday, and I'd love some new ideas. It seems our society has moved away from orange wedges and towards any pre-packaged foods for all sporting events. Are we so safety conscious these days that we only trust foods sealed in their own wrappers? Would we rather our kids eat cookies in individual packages than fresh fruit already sliced? How could I possibly give them drinks that don't result in trash, trash, trash?

So here's what I need to know: How would you serve food and drinks with the most amount of nutrition and least amount of waste? Please leave a comment.


  1. Buy those little re-usable bowls with lids and put goldfish, trailmix, or whatever in them. Costly but eco-friendly. ;) As for drinks I can only shrug and suggest a recyclable bottle and hope the parents recycle. Sorry.

  2. Do the snacks and drinks have to be pre-packaged? I am with you 100%, I would much rather my kids enjoy some oranges and grapes in place of the HFCS loaded junk food snacks and sugar water.
    If there is no rule against bringing "real" food, I would certainly bring fruit, carrot sticks and crackers. How about a big juice cooler (similar to what they throw on football coaches at the end of a game)? If they are like most MDO's around here and you MUST bring pre-packaged foods... (scratching head) I would get a sams club size box of goldfish and bring paper cups and a jug of juice.

  3. There's no rule that they must be pre-packaged. That's just become the norm. I think I'll strike a compromise and bring some orange slices and a granola bar for each kid. Not sure on the drinks yet. I'll let you know how it goes over. More ideas welcome.